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5 Tips To Choose Windows That Suit Your Climate

Read on to learn how to choose windows that suit your climate and how to maintain an ideal atmosphere in your house throughout the year

Windows should not just be chosen for their design or operating style, their ability to function well in the local climate is equally important. When it comes to choosing new windows weigh the pros and cons based on the climate of your area. We have compiled a guide to help you choose windows that suit your climate.

Cold Winter And Hot Summer

If you live in an area where summers are extremely hot and winters are cold, remember the following considerations:


  • Choose the window glass that has a low U-factor and get a low-E coating. This helps reduce glare, reflects the sun, and provides optimal comfort in all seasons and temperatures.

Frame Options

  • In areas with cold winters and hot summers, composite frames work better than wood frames. This is because they resist expansion and contraction as the seasons change. Composite frames are as efficient as wood when it comes to insulation.

Moreover, they do not decay easily and look good. Another option is a vinyl frame that insulates well both in summer and winter. It lasts long with just little maintenance.

Warm And Sunny Climate

  • Opting for a glass with low solar heat gains coefficient or SHGC is good for areas with a warm and sunny climate. In addition, consider having a low emissivity or low-E coating for reducing the glare.

Frame Options

Wood is another beautiful option for areas where it does not rain quite often. It is an energy-efficient and stylish option that requires regular maintenance.

Colder Climate

  • If you live in an area with an often cold climate choosing glass with a low U-factor and a high SHGC would be ideal. Adding an extra glass pane can cut the cost of energy in half.

Frame Options

  • Choose a fiberglass frame as it offers optimal performance and is sturdy enough to withstand winter storms. A strong composite frame can also be installed. If it often hails and snows consider having vinyl-clad wood as it insulates well and can handle snow.

Areas With Windy Climate

  • In areas with heavy winds and storms, it is wise to opt for tempered glass windows. This is especially useful for protection against accidental breaks during heavy windstorms. To cut down the noise, get a modern IGU with two or three panes.

Frame Options

  • A fiberglass frame is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds. Another sturdy yet less expensive option is vinyl.

Rainy And Humid Climate

  • windows that suit your climateFor homeowners who live in areas with rainy and humid climates, getting a high-quality insulated modern IGU glass is ideal. This type of glass utilizes a desiccant inside the panes that works efficiently to keep the moisture at bay.

To ensure a sound seal that protects against fogging, get professional installation from a trusted window installation company.

Frame Options

  • Vinyl is a low-maintenance and affordable option that holds up well to moisture and all sorts of temperatures. Composite frames are also well-suited for humid and rainy areas.

If you are looking for high-quality affordable windows installed by top-tier window installers your best bet is to go with a local window company such as Simple Home Improvements. We are a professional team that provides window and door installation services in Totowa, NJ. Our team is well equipped to handle all your issues.

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