Top 8 Vinyl Siding Color Trends To Follow In 2022 (Part 1)

For a more attractive look of your home, here is a list of top vinyl siding color trends to follow in 2022

Colors not only have the power to transform the look of any project but also have an impact on a person’s mood. Choosing soothing neutral colors and uplifting shades can give your home a cozy harmonious look. Let’s dive into the most popular vinyl siding color trends that you can follow in 2022.


  • This cheery bright color is becoming increasingly popular for vinyl siding and home décor projects. Yellow sidings energize the entire look of the structure by instantly enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Moreover, the yellow exterior makes your house look bigger. Many homeowners use this trick for selling their houses.

Pair With Gray

  • White and beige trim can be added to complement the brightness and to give a crisp look. For a more contemporary look, try pairing yellow and gray shades. Yellows are versatile shades that range from creamy tones to vivid colors.

These shades can instantaneously refresh any exterior project. However, the only red flag with yellow is that it is discordant with brick and stone materials. So it is better to choose another color for the exterior of your home is made of brick and stone.

Sage Green

  • Green is an amazing color that can make you connect with nature. However, more neutral sage green than brighter greens is becoming more popular for vinyl siding. With gray undertones, sage green can provide an ideal backdrop for darker exterior structures such as doors, windows, and shutters.

This subtle yet calm and welcoming exterior will be prominent enough to set your home apart from the rest of the houses on the block. Venetian red can be used as an excellent complementary color for a more muted elegance. Other colors that can be used to enhance the coolness of sage green include purple, gray, and blue.


  • Blue has widely been used exterior color because it gives a calming and soothing look to your home. Several shades of blues can be used to achieve a classic and timeless appearance. For super elegant and eye-catching appeal, urban blue is the best on the list of bold and vibrant hues of blue.

Its rich tone can be perfectly complemented with materials such as stone or stucco to elevate the look of your home’s exterior. Bright accents can intensify the effect and instantly boost your mood. From robin’s egg blue to navy, blue is a versatile color that can keep your exterior more chill and lively.


  • In the past, brown was known to give a muddy, plain texture, but shades of brown are in high demand in 2022. When the right shades are chosen brown exterior can evoke the calmness that everyone is looking for.

vinyl siding color trendsChoosing a rich mahogany-type shade with darker blue or accent trim and accents can give a calming effect to your exterior. Another great choice for accenting is gray. When gray is combined with a lively color such as blue, it can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Complementary Colors

  • It is advisable to avoid dark shades of brown to keep your house from looking murky. White is possibly the best complementary color for making your home positively picturesque. When considering white, always choose a brighter shade of white.

Avoid using beige tones as they won’t pair well and will bring out the worst in the brown siding. The best shade you can use is chocolate brown for siding with ivory white windows and white doors.

If you’re considering your siding options for your new home or want to remodel, contact Simple Home Improvements at 866-849-2599 or visit us in Totowa. Our experts will provide a free in-home estimate and offer guidance to help you make the best choice for your home.

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