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Top 8 Vinyl Siding Color Trends To Follow In 2022 (Part 2)

For a more stunning look for your home, here is a list of top vinyl siding color trends to follow in 2022

One of the most affordable and popular ways to protect your home’s exterior is by installing vinyl siding. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding does not require a lot of maintenance and is fade-resistant. Moreover, vinyl siding is durable, versatile, and easily available in different colors and textures. Here are some of the trendiest vinyl siding colors to choose from.


  • White vinyl siding is a timeless classic that has always been popular and will never go out of style. One of the best things about white is that it can pair well with virtually any color. This is what makes its versatility unmatched.

By giving a pleasant optical illusion, white exteriors can make any house appear larger than it is. White vinyl siding gives you a choice to have any color roof that you prefer.

Complementary Colors

  • With the plain backdrop, accent splashes of color will look bright and prominent. You can have oyster white siding if you do not like a pure white exterior. This will give your house a warm and cozy feel. It is better to avoid creamy color as it can make your house look dull and unclean.

Make sure you choose something bright but not so much bright that it’s blinding. Along with white siding, thoughtfully chosen accents such as trim and shutters can make your home stand out from the other houses.

Dutch Lap

  • Traditional Dutch lap is often made of wood and is a classic type of siding. But Dutch lap siding also has vinyl variants that go well with any home. Dutch lap siding is a good choice if you want to add a uniquely interesting element to your home’s exterior.

It excellently highlights a home’s architecture without taking too much attention away from the rest of the elements. It is commonly used in classic home designs such as Colonials. Dutch lap siding has a unique shadow effect that makes bright colors the best choice.


  • One of the versatile colors for siding is gray. From soft stone and blueish gunmetal to dark slate gray siding can give your home a fabulous look. However, you need to give a good thought while choosing a color to pair it with. Light gray siding can be paired well with sunny yellow accents.

vinyl siding color trends in 2022If you want a more edgy effect, go for a brighter yellow. For homes that have real wood on the exterior, neutral gray siding with gray accents will work wonderfully together. This would give you a stunning exterior. In addition, you can always tailor the colors to complement the tone of the wood.

Vertical Siding

  • Vertical siding is an atypical style of sidings that trick the eyes and makes a house look taller. You can exclusively use vertical siding or horizontal siding on the bottom part and vertical siding for the gables. This would work well and give your home a touch of sophistication.

Vertical siding looks gorgeous and allows water to slide effectively down the surface. You can regularly spray the siding to keep it fresh and clean and prevent the chances of mold growths in the nooks. Vertical siding is a little expensive to install, but it is well worth the cost.

If you’re considering siding options for your new home or want to remodel, contact Simple Home Improvements at 866-849-2599 or visit us in Totowa. Our experts will provide a free in-home estimate and offer guidance to help you make the best choice for your home.

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