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Horizontal Vs Vertical Vinyl Siding – Which Is Better? (Part 1)

Horizontal or vertical vinyl siding?

Read on to find out which siding is best for your home’s exterior

Siding is a layer of weather-resistant protective material found on the exterior walls of the house. Different siding materials have different decorative or protective roles and protect the house from direct sun, rain, and snow. Let’s have a look at the difference between horizontal and vertical sidings to help you decide which one to select for your home.

Horizontal Siding

  • The elements of your façade will go beautifully well with horizontal siding. Several different color combinations and styles of vinyl exist for horizontal siding. The durability of horizontal siding differs according to the material used for manufacturing. For instance, traditional sidings such as wood may look attractive but they collect moisture that leads to rotting.

So it is better to go for more durable siding material. In addition, horizontal siding is easier to install and almost every other construction crew works with it. Horizontal siding is not only quick to install but also cheap.

Types of Horizontal Siding

Types of horizontal sidings vary based on their place on the wall, material, durability, and quality.

Horizontal Vinyl Siding

  • Vinyl siding is one of the best and most durable options when it comes to horizontal siding. There is a wide range of vinyl siding types and patterns available you can choose a style that goes with the look of your home. Vinyl siding is easy to install and does not have high maintenance needs.

Horizontal Wood Siding

  • Wood siding has always been popular and several contemporary wood types are used for this purpose. In addition, there is an extensive spectrum of color combinations that you can choose for your horizontal siding.

Although wood siding looks classic it can collect water and moisture even through the slightest gaps. So it needs extra care and maintenance.

Horizontal Cedar Siding

  • Horizontal cedar siding is one of the most beautiful siding styles. Cedar siding stands out, even more, when it’s installed horizontally than vertically. Another good thing about cedar siding is that its installation is effortless.

Moreover, the installation of cedar siding is cheaper when it is placed horizontally. This is because horizontal installation eliminates the need for isolation strips to cover it up.

Horizontal Fiber Cement Siding

  • This type of siding is much more durable than wood siding. With horizontal fiber cement siding, you do not have to worry about rot and other moisture-related problems.

This is because horizontal fiber cement siding is water-resistant and does not allow water to collect in the siding. Like most other siding styles, it is cheaper to install it horizontally than vertically.

Advantages Of Horizontal Siding

From offering greater choices to affordable prices here are some of the pros of the horizontal siding.

Style Options

  • There is a wide range of styles, colors, and material options to choose from. Most homeowners prefer the horizontal style of siding because it not only looks good but also offers advantages from a sales point.

Easy To Install

  • vertical vinyl sidingHorizontal siding panels are quickly and easily installed, making them an effortless and attractive choice. Moreover, it is easy to find the perfect match for your home because of the numerous variations in available colors and sizes.


  • Horizontal sidings are not expensive, these are rather available at affordable prices. Only basic skills and experience are needed to install this type of siding. However, if you are not comfortable installing the siding yourself, hire a professional to finish the job for you.

If you’re considering your siding options for your new home or want to remodel, contact Simple Home Improvements at 866-849-2599 or visit us in Totowa. Our experts will provide a free in-home estimate and offer guidance to help you make the best choice for your home.

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