10 Types Of Roofing Problems You May Encounter (Part 2)

Before you can solve roofing problems, understand the different types of roofing issues

The roof is probably the most endangered area of the house. Even the superior quality roofing materials are susceptible to sunlight, rain, wind, and ice. Roofs suffer from several issues that can become serious if not addressed on time. Some of these issues such as leaking roofs, cracking, etc. demand immediate repair. Homeowners must recognize the danger signs that pose a threat to their property. Keeping abreast of the minor problems and scheduling regular maintenance checks can save you from the trouble of major repairs. For your convenience, we have discussed some major roofing problems that require you to keep a watchful eye.

Clogged Gutters

  • A clogged gutter is one of the biggest roofing problems related to the gutter. When the fallen leaves and debris accumulate in the downspouts and gutters water flow through the gutters is blocked. Water in the backed up or clogged gutter finds nowhere to go, it gushes down to the sides of the house and puddles at the foundation. From there the water seeps into the house thereby causing water damage to the structure of the house. Gutters are also susceptible to sagging under the weight of all the trapped debris. Regular and careful cleaning of gutters can help prevent this problem. Debris should be removed to keep the gutters clear to let the water flow freely.

If you are not comfortable doing it hire a professional to take care of the problem for you. Another alternative is to install gutter-guards, this will filter out the leaves and the debris. If the downspouts and gutters are damaged they should be replaced immediately.

Damaged Soffit And Fascia

  • Soffit is usually made of wood, therefore, it is extremely vulnerable to water damage. Large cracks and holes can form due to continuous exposure to water and ice. The Front board or fascia present along the roof can damage as a result of moisture and water.

This needs timely repair or replacement because it supports the gutters. Rotten fascia or soffit should be fixed immediately by replacing the broken parts to make sure your roof remains safe.

Ponding Water

  • types of roofing problemsPonding water results due to the poorly designed roof. Roofs that are flat, lack drains, and roofs that sag are usually the reason behind ponding water. Roofs with weak structures can also give rise to this problem. When the water stays on the roof for 48 hours or more it causes structural damage by deteriorating the roof. Water can pond after heavy rain or in case of clogged drains.

Ponding due to clogged drains is easier to fix. But design-related ponding is bad news, it requires an entire roof replacement. If you encounter this issue it is therefore wise to call a skilled and qualified contractor to help you deal with this.


  • Most people think the roof is a fixed or static component of the house but that’s not the case. Roof shifts and changes all the time depending on the weather conditions. Shingles increase in size as the temperature starts to increase. Expanding shingles are liable to split.

When the shingles are not fixed they might bump into each other due to strong winds thus resulting in more damage to the roof.

Poor Maintenance

  • Ignoring the signs of roofing issues can create havoc as more time passes. Roof problems are easier to fix and repair if detected early. If the routine maintenance is overlooked the minor problems will turn into major plight in no time. Stick to the regular maintenance checks to save yourself and your home from all sorts of troubles.

Repairing roofs can be tricky and dangerous especially if you are untrained. So it’s best to call a roofing specialist. Professionals at Simple Home Improvements can take care of your worries. Give us a call at 866-849-2599 for all sorts of affordable and Roofing Services. We are located in New Jersey.

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