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Top Signs Your Windows Are Not Energy Efficient

Learn the top signs of inefficient windows from home improvement experts in New Jersey

You’ve adapted to New Jersey’s ever-changing seasons, from hot summers to chilly winters. Because of this, energy-efficient windows are especially important for maintaining a comfortable home no matter what the weather brings. If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your windows, Simple Home Improvements offers a few common signs that indicate it’s time to think about replacement windows.

High Energy Bills

  • On a cold day, do you find yourself cranking up the heat in your house without getting warmer? Are your utility bills sky-high, but you’re still not comfortable? This could be due to air leaks around your windows. Cracks in a window or window frame or loose glass panes can allow cold air to flow into your house and let hot air escape. Because the windows aren’t retaining heat, your home may feel significantly colder, which can lead to rising energy bills.

Condensation Between Window Panes

signs of inefficient windows

  • Condensation or fog can form on the inside of windows for a variety of reasons, but heat loss is one of the most common. When this condensation appears between two panes of glass, it’s usually a sign that the window’s seal is broken. Like window cracks and leaks, a broken seal lets cold air flow freely into your home, causing discomfort as the mercury drops.

Difficult Window Operation

  • When windows are difficult to close or lock, you’re not just dealing with a security problem – you have a ventilation problem as well. Sticky windows are a common occurrence, especially in older homes, but those that are impossible to fully close provide an easy avenue for substantial energy loss.

And even if you think your windows are closing tightly, there may be small gaps that, while difficult to detect, allow plenty of cold air to rush in. The Department of Energy offers a simple test to determine how tightly your windows close – place a dollar bill beneath the frame and close the window. If you’re able to pull it out, you’re losing heat.

Make Your Home More Comfortable With Energy-Efficient Windows

  • While there are several ways to repair an inefficient window, such as caulk, weather-stripping, or a new pane of glass, none of these tactics offer the lasting solution provided by energy-efficient replacement windows.

To learn more about how ENERGY STAR-rated, AAMA-certified windows can make your home more comfortable and cut energy bills, contact Simple Home Improvements today.

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