Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

reasons to replace your windows

Home improvement professionals reveal the top reasons to replace your windows

Should I replace my windows? It’s a question the team at Simple Home Improvements hears almost every day. There are many reasons why homeowners decide it’s time for new windows, from broken glass and storm damage to cosmetic upgrades. If you’ve found yourself asking this question, here are a few reasons replacement windows might be the right choice.

1: Security

  • Old or damaged windows are not very secure. For example, if a window is broken, warped, or rotted, it’s vulnerable to forced entry. For top security, it also needs to be able to shut properly and have a working lock. That’s why some homeowners, especially the elderly or those with young families, like to replace their windows for greater peace of mind.

2: Style

  • Appearance is a common reason for window replacement. Sometimes, homeowners simply aren’t happy with their windows’ color or style. In other cases, mismatched windows diminish the home’s curb appeal. In either situation, new windows offer a stylish upgrade for an improved appearance.

3: Foggy Glass

  • Do your windows look foggy? It’s because there’s condensation trapped between the glass panes. When this happens, the windows lose some of their energy efficiency. Not to mention, they don’t look great. The fog makes them appear dirty or old and prevents a clear view. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is to replace the windows.

4: Comfort

  • Windows play a big role in the comfort of a home. Drafty windows, for example, can make a room feel cold and uninviting. Similarly, if the windows are damaged, rain can leak through and collect, potentially causing rot or mold. If you’ve tried replacing the weatherstripping and these issues still persist, you might want to consider new windows. Newer windows are also better at reducing outside noise, which is especially important for homes located in busy neighborhoods.

5: Energy Efficiency

  • Replacing your windows can help reduce the cost of your monthly utility bills. That’s because newer windows are much more energy-efficient. They can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. If you’re tired of dealing with sky-high energy bills, new windows are often a good solution.

Do You Need New Windows?

No matter why you want new windows, the team at Simple Home Improvements can help. We’re based in Totowa, New Jersey, and offer a large selection of energy-efficient windows to choose from, including double-hung, picture, and bay windows. Contact us at 866-849-2599 today to get a free quote.

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