5 Signs Your Sidings Need Repairs

Expert reveal the significant signs your sidings need repairs

Ideally speaking most siding manufacturers provide more than 5 years of warranty against any kind of damage. If you noticed an unusual smell or mold growing then it might definitely be because of a damaged siding. Listed below are five signs that will help you know if your siding needs repair. Read about them below.

The Interior’s Paint/Wallpaper Is Peeling

  • Is the paint on the walls, or the wallpaper bubbling and peeling off by itself? If yes, then this is a major sign of your siding being damaged. A damaged siding allows moisture, humidity, and air to enter your home. This excess moisture causes the wall paint and wallpapers to peel off.

If you recently installed a new siding, and notice this problem then it means that the sidings weren’t installed properly. Due to misalignment or any other fault, they are not fulfilling their intended function, thus causing damage to your house’s interior. If this issue isn’t resolved quickly, you could end up with a hefty repair bill.

Siding Appears Discolored & Warped

  • signs your sidings need repairsIf the siding appears warped, then poke it with a screwdriver or any similar-looking tool. If you notice that the layer underneath has become soft, this means that it is rotting. The siding’s water repellant nature has been compromised and it needs to be repaired before the rotting spreads elsewhere. If the siding appears bubbled, then it is a clear indication of water being present beneath and inside the siding. This water will cause the siding to deteriorate further, and lead to a host of other problems.

Other warning signs that you must carefully inspect include rusted nails, discoloration on the siding, and faded paint. This may be because of excessive sunlight exposure, and even a siding leaking water. If you notice any of these signs, then it is a clear indication of your siding requiring immediate repair. It is in your best interest to speak to a qualified professional who can inspect and repair it promptly. It is always a good idea to check with the siding’s manufacturer and know whether this damage is covered in your warranty.

High Utility Bills

  • A good siding helps to insulate your home, thus allowing your HVAC system to work more efficiently. If the siding isn’t doing its job properly, then your HVAC system will work extra hard to maintain the internal temperature of the house. This will directly result in a high utility bill.

A damaged siding will not only allow external air to flow into the house, it will also prevent the internal temperature from stabilizing. This constant airflow due to damaged siding needs to be fixed promptly.

Poor Noise Insulation

  • One of the best advantages of having a siding is its ability to insulate the house against noise coming from the external environment. This feature is particularly useful if the house is located near a busy road or the city center.

If you’ve started noticing more noise coming in from the outside, as compared to before then this points to a problem in the siding. If you recently installed new sidings and still notice more than normal levels of noise then it points towards an installation problem. It is imperative to get your siding checked and repaired so that the issue can be rectified early on.

Visible Mold & Fungus

  • If you notice mold and fungus growing in your house, then it is a clear sign of damaged siding. A damaged siding allows humidity and moisture into your house, which promotes the growth of mold and fungus. According to the CDC, mold, and fungus are health hazards for all occupants of the house. They can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems.

If you can’t find any mold and fungus, but can smell a musty smell then this also points to a siding problem. It is highly recommended to get your siding checked so that it can be repaired on time.

If you are a homeowner and worried about your siding needing repairs or replacements, then call us today at 866-849-2599. We, at Simple Home Improvements, are a home renovation and siding specialist company operating in New Jersey. Our experts will visit your property and take remedial actions for your damaged siding.

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