Should You Spring for Argon Gas in Your Bay Windows?

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As you prepare to install a new bay window, now’s your chance to add on any special features you might want, like custom colors, glass panels, and grids. But one of the most popular features to consider is argon gas insulation. If you’re hoping to improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut down your heating and cooling costs, then investing in argon gas might just be the best choice for you.

Understanding How Argon Works

  • Argon is a safe, colorless, and odorless gas. It’s naturally occurring in the atmosphere and is often used in light bulbs, phototubes, and more. Today, it’s also used to help insulate windows. Argon gas can be injected into a window’s glass panes. Because it’s denser than air, argon is able to increase the window’s thermal efficiency.

So what does this mean? The gas essentially acts as a barrier to help minimize heat exchange between your house and the outdoors. This is important, because, without insulation, air can actually escape through the glass, which makes it harder to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Benefits of Argon Gas-Filled Windows

When you opt for argon windows, you’ll enjoy several benefits. Most noticeably, the room will feel more comfortable than it did before, especially if your current bay window is very old. Older windows are often drafty because they lack the level of insulation and energy efficiency that newer ones provide. Other benefits of using argon gas include:

  • Reduced monthly energy bills
  • Less possibility of condensation and frost
  • Better soundproofing ability
  • Argon gas fill can be used in conjunction with low-E glass coatings for maximum energy efficiency

So while choosing to insulate your windows with argon may be more expensive upfront, the significant long-term cost savings and benefits can make the decision well worth it. This applies to every window, but since bay windows are generally quite large, energy efficiency is even more important.

Learn More about Bay Window Installation

If you’re curious about using argon gas to insulate your bay window, contact the team at Simple Home Improvements. We offer a large selection of customizable bay window options, and we make the installation process quick and easy, so you can start enjoying your home updates right away. To get your free quote, contact us today at 866-849-2599.

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