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Security and Aesthetics in Your Entry Door

Learn how to replace an entry door best for security and aesthetics

As a focal point of your home, it’s important that your entry door looks great. But your front door also plays a critical role in home security, making it doubly important to select a quality option. If you’re considering entry door replacement, check out a few guidelines from Simple Home Improvements to ensure you select a door that delivers good looks and protection from the elements, intruders, and more.


  • Homeowners have three primary options when it comes to choosing the material of their front door. Wood is affordable and offers ample natural beauty, but it requires a bit of maintenance and is prone to rot and other damage when exposed to challenging weather. Steel, though a sturdy and reliable material, often necessitates insulation or weather-stripping and is susceptible to rust. Fiberglass doors provide an excellent alternative to both steel and wood with a variety of styles and colors to choose from, ample strength and resiliency that ensures a high level of security over time.


  • replacing an entry door with window front doorGlass windows add a touch of style to your front door, allow ample light to flow into your home, and can provide a view of visitors outside. You’ll also be able to choose from a selection of window sizes and decorative glass options to suit your preferences. For added security, all windowed entry doors from Simple Home Improvements feature primed wood jambs to ensure optimal strength. Homeowners can also opt for windows with waterfall interior glass that prevents passersby from looking into your home or choose a solid slab door with no window to make unauthorized entry even more difficult.


  • Before you decide on a front door replacement, it’s important to consider how the door complements the rest of your house. While you may love an entry door with a modern window glass design, how will it look with your home’s windows and fixtures? Should you choose a wood grain look or a bold solid color? Our trained professionals can help you find the right style to unify the appearance of your home and add a touch of flair.

Enhance Your Home with a New Entry Door

When it’s time to replace your entry door, contact Simple Home Improvements in Totowa, NJ or call [company-phone id=1] to learn more about our entry door replacement options. We’ll help you choose the best entry door for your home and provide professional installation to ensure years of optimal performance.

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