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Seasonal Threats to Your Siding

The 5 most common seasonal threats to your siding compiled by home improvement experts

As Totowa’s leading vinyl siding installers, Simple Home Improvements has seen the impact the elements can have on the siding. While wood and aluminum siding can be especially vulnerable to damage, older siding of any type is also at risk as the seasons change. And because siding is your home’s first line of defense against moisture, pests, and other hazards, even minor damage can have serious consequences. Here, we’ll review the seasonal siding damage you should be on the lookout for from winter storms to sunny summer days.


  • New Jersey residents can count on freezing rain and snow. All of this moisture can lead to rot or corrosion in wood or aluminum siding, and freezing temperatures may cause the siding to crack as the mercury drops. Vinyl siding is often recommended in areas like Totowa that experience severe winter weather, as its durable construction offers the rigidity, strength, and temperature resistance required to withstand moisture and extreme cold.


  • learn the many season threats to your sidingSpring brings warmer days, but that doesn’t mean your siding is safe. In fact, spring showers are often accompanied by strong winds and even hail as temperatures fluctuate between the colder days of winter and hotter conditions ahead. To avoid storm damage, choose impact-resistant vinyl siding that’s been tested for durability in the face of hail and more.


  • Could summertime weather really harm your siding? While longer days and more intense sunlight are great for trips to the beach and growing gardens, increased UV levels throughout the summer months can result in faded siding. If you’ve chosen wood or aluminum siding, this likely means spending your vacation days painting or staining. Fortunately, our vinyl siding has been tested for UV resistance, ensuring that subtle shades and vibrant hues alike remain fresh season after season.


  • When the days grow chilly, mice, squirrels, and other rodents all begin looking for a place to nest. If your siding has been cracked, torn, or punctured during the year, these damaged spots provide an easy route to your walls, attic, and basement. Keep an eye out for such damage at the end of summer, and be sure to consult trusted installers to replace damaged siding before pests enter.

Quality Vinyl Siding in Totowa, NJ

If the changing seasons have damaged your home’s siding, Simple Home Improvements’ highly trained team can provide reinforced vinyl siding in Totowa, New Jersey that will stand up to the elements all year long. Call 866-849-2599 for a free estimate and to speak with a knowledgeable representative for additional information.

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