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Roof Repair in Erskine Lakes, NJ: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Tricia BaconTricia Bacon
19:24 21 Dec 22
We love our new windows. They are gorgeous and the whole team at Simple Home Improvements was amazing to work with. Special thanks to Cesar for doing a perfect job on the installation! We loved our new windows so much, that we ordered more. Cesar came out to measure and work out all the details with us and we loved working with him. I highly recommend Simple Home Improvements!
Austin ComerAustin Comer
13:47 04 Oct 22
I did full house remodeling and used Simple Home Improvements to replace all my windows! I have one thing to say- AMAZING!!! After four estimates I have got I decided to go with This company and I'm so glad I did it! I have got a great price, the crew came on time, was very professional and they have also great customer service! Highly recommend this company! Thank you!
Betty KeeneyBetty Keeney
21:27 16 Apr 22
I had two large sliding glass doors and five windows to be replaced. I called several companies to get quotes and Simple Home Improvements gave me the best quote. They just got installed this week and look wonderful. It was well worth the wait. We had a couple of misunderstandings with frosting on the bathroom windows and exterior locks on the sliding glass doors but they have been very responsive in getting those rectified. Overall, they have been a happiness to work with and the windows and doors look amazing. Thank you.
Ben HernandezBen Hernandez
19:42 14 Apr 22
Simple Home Improvements recently sided our house with beautiful siding, replaced 10 windows with vinyl windows, and reshingled our garage. The workers from the office were so kind and caring. Their work crew was incredible! They were polite, worked efficiently, and cleaned up after the job every day. We can now speak our home is fantastic.They are a wonderful family-run organization with a heart of gold and a supportive hand in our local community. If you need work done go with Simple Home Improvements! We can not recommend them enough.
Gabrielle BernardGabrielle Bernard
20:27 12 Apr 22
Simple Home Improvements has been a really good company to work with on our project. We had new windows, a new door, along with siding and on the first night, I could tell a big difference. It dropped into the single digits and my basement felt very satisfied without having to turn up the heat or turn on space heaters. The added insulation from the siding and windows made a terrific development to our home. Their crews have been very informative and have stayed in contact with us all step of the way. 10/10 would recommend.

The Best Roof Repair Company in Erskine Lakes, NJ

Simple Home Improvements, a premier Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair company, has been increasing the comfort, improving the safety, and enhancing the curb appeal of Passaic County homes for years. The professionally trained technicians at our locally-owned and operated company are experts in their field. We only use the highest quality materials from leading manufacturers, and techniques and strategies that have been proven to be highly effective. For your peace of mind, we’re fully licensed and insured, and we always go the extra mile to exceed the needs of our clients. For the best roof repair in Erskine Lakes, NJ, there’s only one place to call: Simple Home Improvements!

Top Reasons to Hire a Erskine Lakes, NJ Roof Repair Professional

An influx of TV shows, videos, and tutorials has inspired so many homeowners to attempt doing their own home improvement projects. That’s certainly commendable, and while there are several tasks that you can successfully handle on your own, there are some jobs that are better left to the pros. Roof repair is definitely one of those tasks.

If your Passaic County roof has been damaged in a storm, as a result of age, or for any other reason, here’s a look at some of the top reasons why you should skip the DIY approach and hire a professional Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair contractor instead.

roof 1 Simple Home Improvements
roof 2 Simple Home Improvements

In-Depth Knowledge and Hands-On Experience

A roof is a complicated system that’s made up of several components that work together to protect your Passaic County home. In order to function properly, those components have to be installed properly. Reputable Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair technicians will have received professional training and will have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience repairing all kinds of damage on all types of roofs. They’ll make sure that the repairs are done the right way so that your roofing system can provide the protection it’s intended to.

Accurate Diagnostics

It can be hard to pinpoint the underlying cause of a roofing issue. A professionally trained, highly experienced Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair contractor will perform a thorough assessment of the structure to accurately detect and properly correct whatever issue you’re having with your Passaic County roof.

Better Materials

Sure, you can purchase the materials that are needed to fix a roofing issue; however, do you really know what kind of materials you’ll need? A professional Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair company will not only know exactly what kind of tools and equipment will be needed to repair your Passaic County roof, but they’ll have access to the highest quality supplies from leading industry manufacturers.

roof 3 Simple Home Improvements

Enhanced Safety

Repairing a roof is a lot more hazardous than it appears. It requires climbing ladders, balancing on unstable footing while carrying bulky, awkward items, and using all types of tools and materials; all while being situated many feet above solid ground. Take just one minor misstep and you run the risk of damaging your Passaic County property and worse, injuring yourself or someone else. By hiring a Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair professional, you won’t have to worry about putting your Passaic County home – or yourself or anyone else – in harm’s way.


Saving money is one of the top reasons why homeowners attempt to repair their own roofs; in reality, though, DIY roof repair can actually end up costing more than hiring a pro. When you account for all of the materials that need to be purchased and add in the cost of any issues that might occur, DIY roof repair can run you a lot more than hiring a reputable Erskine Lakes, NJ roof repair contractor to do the job for you.

For Premium-Quality Roof Repair in Erskine Lakes, NJ, Contact Simple Home Improvements!

From missing shingles to leaks, and even full roof replacements, if you need a roof repair in Erskine Lakes, NJ, for the best results, there’s only one company to call: Simple Home Improvements! Call 866-849-2599 to receive a free quote today!

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