Roof Maintenance Essentials: Spring And Summer Care Tips

To avoid the impacts of severe weather, read on to discover roof maintenance essentials

Several factors can decrease the life of a roof. But the impact can be reduced by using the right roof maintenance approach and seasonal care. A roof can last for decades with regular upkeep and good care. Use this handy checklist to prevent the effects of spring storms and scorching summer heat on your roof.

Inspect And Clean Your Gutters Regularly

  • Branches, twigs, leaves, wrappers, and other debris can gather in gutters and clog them during winter. Clogged gutters obstruct the water flow and keep it pooled on your roof. Inspect your gutters regularly and check if all downspouts and drains are clean. All gutters and drainage systems should be cleared every spring to keep water flowing away from your roof and home.

This practice is crucial to protect the roof, the siding, and the house’s foundation. Examine the walls around the gutters and under the roof eaves. Notice the presence of spots or water stains that indicate water leaks, moldy growths, and wood rot. These telltale signs show improper water drainage.

Keep Roof Shingles In a Good Shape

  • Roof shingles take the beating from spring storms. Hail, strong winds, fallen tree limbs, or objects can easily damage or break roof shingles. Keep your roof shingles in good shape by removing the build-up of dirt and debris around them.

Inspect the entire roof to find areas with buckling, cracked, missing, or broken shingles. Ensure that you repair or replace the damaged shingles promptly to prevent your roof from further damage.

Cut The Weakened Tree Limbs

  • The trees near your roof or low-hanging branches are a hazard to your roof. The powerful spring and summer storms can cause dead, damaged, or low-hanging tree limbs to fall on your roof. This can break roof shingles, block water flow, or lead to extensive damage.

Therefore, it is crucial to trim or remove the weak branches. Cut the limbs that may be weak enough to fall onto your roof with solid winds. The branches that hang onto your roof should be trimmed away from the home to prevent leaves and twigs from clogging the gutters.

Inspect Attic For Moisture Leaks

  • Warmer days of spring are perfect for scheduling the inspection of your attic. Observe the rafters and undersides of the roof to spot any black spots, water stains, or signs of moisture. The insulation in the attic should be free from mold or mildew growth.

The presence of mold indicates water leaks which are not good for the integrity of your roof and foundation. Hire a roofing expert to detect the source of the leak as soon as you observe signs of moisture damage. Professional roofers provide necessary repairs as well as recommend reliable solutions.

Spot Moss And Algae Growth

  • roof maintenance essentialsThe humidity in summer provides an ideal environment for the growth of algae, moss, and mold. The shady areas are especially prone to moss and algae growth. These unwanted growths can lead to the build-up of excess moisture under the shingles, eventually leading to cracks. Use appropriate solutions to kill the growth of mold and algae. Keep your roof clean and dry at all times.

Schedule Professional Roof Inspection

  • Always put your safety first and hire professional roofers to have a look at your roof and perform necessary repairs before the summer begins. Often the damage is hard to detect until it gets worse. That is why regular maintenance checks are essential. Professional roofers have the tools and expertise to identify issues and make needed repairs.

Keep abreast of roofing problems by scheduling regular maintenance checks. Contact Simple Home Improvements for all sorts of roofing issues. Our experts will help you with your roofing repair and maintenance needs. Call us at 866-849-2599. We are located in New Jersey.

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