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6 Most Common Roof Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Read on to find out what the most frequent roof installation mistakes are and how to prevent them

Mistakes during roof installation are more common than one might think. Since roof installation is a one-time investment, homeowners need to steer clear of all kinds of troubles. As most of the important roof elements are hidden, evaluating a roof installation by looking at it is challenging. Here is a list of roofing mistakes that you need to avoid.

Not Removing The Old Material

  • One of the most common mistakes is leaving old materials on and covering them up with the new material. Many inexperienced roofers make this mistake. For instance, new shingles are nailed over the old shingles to cover up the faulty roof. Make sure you remove the old shingles and other damaged material before installing new ones as this could open up the roof to serious damage.

Over time the top layer starts to fall apart. This results in a lack of proper support to the roof thereby affecting its integrity. When the installation of a new roof is under consideration care should be taken to remove the old and worn-out shingles.

Incorrect Nailing Practices

Improper nailing technique can lead to roof shingle damage. Most homeowners have no idea about these poor nailing practices until it’s too late.

The number of nails one shingle needs is determined by:

  • The grade of the roof
  • The weather conditions of the area
  • The shingle itself

When working on roof installation projects people often get this wrong. Using too few nails or installing the nails too high can also cause problems. Roofers often do this because it is cheaper, easier, and a faster way to install shingles.

Proper Nailing Techniques

  • Most shingles need four nails, however, if the slope is too steep the number of nails is increased up to 6. An adhesive strip is often used with the shingles to help protect the roof against moisture.

All nails should be placed away from this adhesive strip. There may be separate fastening techniques for metal shingles and tiles. Always hire a trusted roofing company for the installation and repair of your roof.

Poor Sloping

  • Creating the right slope is extremely important to allow the valleys and peaks to meet smoothly. Therefore careful measurements should be taken when installing a new roof. These measurements depend on the design of the house and the weather conditions of the area.

Avoid mistakes throughout the process to prevent moisture from creeping inside the roof. Larger errors can put the integrity of the entire roof at risk. Structural work should be left for skilled and experienced roofers to handle.

Ignoring Local Climates

  • roof installation mistakesUntrained roofers may not consider the unique needs of your roof based on the climate of the area. If you live in an area with extremely cold winters you need extra attic vents to help prevent condensation. If you receive a lot of snow your roof requires protective edges on the border to diminish the risk of ice dam formation.

Furthermore, if you get a lot of windstorms or strong winds you need to have sturdier shingles installed. Lower slopes can also be helpful in these areas. It is always wise to match the needs of the roof to the location. Only a reliable roofing company can take care of these intricate details.

Inadequate Sealing

  • It is important to carefully place and seal the metal strips along the edges and valleys of the roof. Poor flashing is hard to notice and it is impossible to detect leaks along with the flashings until the damage becomes serious.

In addition, when it comes to underlayment the wrong barrier can suffocate the roof or leave it weak and defenseless.

A roof is inarguably the most critical component of any home therefore our expert professionals take special care to deliver only the best services to our clients. If you are looking for roofing solutions and home improvement services, contact Simple Home Improvements at 866-849-2599. Our dedicated team has years of experience on hand. We are located in New Jersey.

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