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9 Reasons Why Replacement Windows A Worthwhile Investment

If you have old, leaky windows then perhaps it’s time that you consider installing replacement windows. In addition to their unique benefits, they are a worthwhile investment. They can help cut down costs on your monthly budget while increasing your house’s value. Read below about the top 9 reasons why replacement windows are a useful investment.

Replacement Windows Help Cut Back Heating & Cooling Costs

  • People who live in areas having extreme climatic conditions, spend a major chunk of their monthly budget on heating and cooling their homes. Windows play an important role in affecting these costs. Replacement windows come with a special type of glass that acts as an insulator and helps maintain the internal temperature of the house.

Replacement windows are better than aluminum, wood, and fiberglass-type windows, as they can help cut back by as much as 30% on your heating and cooling costs. When purchasing replacement windows, make sure to verify if it has an Energy Star accreditation.

Replacement Windows Increase Thermal Insulation Efficiency

  • Research suggests that in an average home, more than 40% of thermal loss occurs through its windows. While thermally insulated walls can help insulate a house, in order to achieve maximum thermal insulation efficiency, it is highly recommended to install replacement windows.

Various tests conducted on replacement windows proved that it helps block up to 70% heat gain from the outside environment. Similarly, i89 coated glass helps to prevent heat loss from inside the home. A home repair and renovation company can best advise you on which type of replacement windows to install in your home.

Replacement Windows Improve Market Value Of Your Home

  • It is a well-known fact that houses that have replacement windows installed offer a higher market value than houses having standard windows. This is because buyers view a house having replacement windows as one that has been regularly renovated and maintained.

Replacement Windows Are Soundproof

  • Replacement windows are an excellent option for people who value privacy. Replacement windows offer unmatched noise and soundproofing. This is ideal if the house is located near the city center or a highway.

Replacement Windows Are Highly Secure

replacement windows

  • Many modern replacement windows are impossible to open from the outside. Their laminated glass does not break even if struck with a baseball. They also offer a multi-point locking system, so you can sleep at night with peace of mind. Reports suggest that houses having replacement windows aren’t an attractive target for burglars.

Replacement Windows Filter Sun’s UV Radiation

  • The Sun emits harmful UV radiation, which is responsible for skin allergies, furniture’s color being faded and houses getting warmed up. Replacement window glass, especially the coated ones, can help filter and block these UV rays.

Replacement Windows Have A Longer Life

  • Replacement windows are the latest technology, which is why they have a very long life. Most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties. They are easier to open, close, and they do not get stuck or have functionality-related problems.

Replacement Windows Are Easy To Clean

  • The glass used in replacement windows has been tested to perform at its optimum level, even in the harshest of conditions. In addition to this, they have a special coating that prevents permanent damage to the glass. They can be cleaned easily and feel new after every wipe. Periodic maintenance by a professional home renovation company can go a long way.

Replacement Windows Change Your House’s Appearance

  • Replacement windows come in a variety of customizable options. The most popular option among homeowners is the use of tinted glass. By installing replacement windows, the house’s appearance can be changed completely.

Give us a call at 866-849-2599 for more information about replacement windows. We, at Simple Home Improvements, are a professional house renovation and repair company operating in New Jersey. Our specialists will analyze your requirements and provide you with a solution that meets your budget and needs.

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