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Put Your Green Thumb to Good Use With a Garden Window

Plants near garden window

If you like to garden, then a garden window is your new best friend. Garden windows are specially designed to bring in maximum light and warmth from the sun. Also, instead of sitting flush with the house like most windows, they protrude outwards, creating a box-like effect to shelve plants, herbs, and flowers. Whether you already have a garden window or you’ve just encountered the selection from Simple Home Improvements, here’s how they can help you exercise your green thumb.

Light, Warmth, and Water

  • Most plants need sunlight, warmth, and water to survive. Basil, for example, requires a lot of light and warmth. That’s why garden windows boast multi-chambered construction to help bring the outdoors in. Their unique design creates thermally efficient air pockets perfect for growing all types of potted plants. But what about water? Because your garden window plants are located within easy reach – not 10 yards behind your house – you can water them as needed without having to step outside.

Safe and Sound

  • With an outdoor garden, there’s always a risk that pests or critters will come along and ruin all your hard work. Garden windows, however, don’t have that problem – except perhaps for homes with a curious cat. The window acts as a protective barrier from the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy beautiful flowers or fragrant herbs all year round.

Other Benefits

  • In addition to window gardening, the windows themselves have many other benefits. Since the windows protrude several inches out from the house, they offer great frontal and peripheral views of the yard. They also help brighten up any room, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, and, when open, provide a lovely breeze.

Not to mention, having greenery in the home can boost your mood and even improve air quality. Many people like to place aloe plants in their garden windows, for example, to regulate air and remove pollutants.

Learn More About Garden Windows

Don’t have a garden window yet? Get in touch with Simple Home Improvements in Totowa, NJ. We supply high-quality, energy-efficient windows to enhance your home and your lifestyle. Find more information about our windows online or contact us directly at 866-849-2599.

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