Top 4 Practical Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Winters

Here are some of the most important things to do to prepare your roof for winters – fight snow

The roof is the fundamental part of the house that protects you and your family from heat, cold, and harsh weather. A well-kept roof insulates the home from cold and snow. Repairing a roof in cold weather can be extremely difficult. However, taking the necessary measures beforehand can save you from all the hassle. The best thing to do is to prepare your roof for winters to prevent potential leaks and damage from wear and tear. Here are a few practical tips that will help you big time in keeping your roof ready for winters.

Remove Snow And Ice

  • As beautiful as the snow-covered trees and rooftops look they pose a threat to the roof and the whole structure of the house. Snow and ice put a strain on the roof. Over time the roof may give in under all the weight resulting in damage that requires repair. When the snow begins to melt it creates an ice dam. If not cleaned, the ice dams can loosen shingles resulting in leakage from the roof.

It’s better to have a roofing specialist examine the condition and framework of the roof before winter arrives. Debris lodged under the shingles due to fallen leaves and rain. However, it’s essential to inspect the roof before the start of the winters and clear off all the leaves and debris. If the debris trap under the snow, it can cause damage to your roof.

Inspect The Roof Shingles

  • Shingles tend to wear away especially in older homes. Decomposed or missing shingles can cause inconvenience, especially during winters. As time passes, shingles start losing their granules and eventually become loose or faulty. Loose shingles will have fragments of leaves, twigs, and debris gathered beneath them.

Replacing the faulty shingles can save you from costly repairs on leaks. If the damage is not addressed on time roof replacement might become inevitable. So make sure all the shingles are in their place and the roof is in the right order before the snowstorm starts.

Install Ventilation

  • The attic is the part that should not be overlooked during a roof inspection. Pay special attention to cleaning the attic while preparing your roof for winters as the ice can gather here and lead to water damage. Heat can escape out of the improperly insulated attic. Moreover, a poorly ventilated attic can circulate the cold air leading to wastage of energy. As the heating needs increase more energy is utilized to keep the house warm causing a rise in utility bills.

The heat that escapes from the house causes the shingles to curl. Snow begins to melt and leads to the formation of ice dams. So make sure your attic has an evenly distributed insulation system to prevent the heat from getting out.

Monitor The Flashing

  • prepare your roof for wintersFlashing is an integral component of a roof structure. The purpose of flashing is to prevent leaks, torn or loosened flashing can lead to water damage. Flashing is usually made of aluminum or other such metal that keeps the water off of the roof by directing it away. Flashing acts as a protective mechanism but it is prone to destruction due to rain, storm, and winds.

Ensure that flashing is working in the right order to protect your roof from leaks during winter. It is suggested to examine that all parts are sealed and tight enough to survive the winter. Call a roofing expert if anything is missing and needs replacing.

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