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What Are Noise Reduction Windows And How Do They Work?

Learn here how noise reduction windows work and how to install them

Loud sounds and unwanted noises can be annoying. Homes that are near a bustling city, highway, construction zone, etc. are subjected to these noises. Noise reduction windows can successfully help minimize unwanted noises. Continue reading to find out about sound reduction windows and their working.

Noise Reduction Windows

  • As noise pollution is increasing, cities and towns are becoming louder and louder. This is making homeowners look for ways to create a serene living environment in their homes. Due to the recent advances in manufacturing technology and greater knowledge of physics, soundproof windows have come a long way.

Modern soundproof or noise reduction windows are manufactured in such a way that they are capable of reducing up to 95% of external sounds. These windows significantly reduce the noises coming through your window or glass door as compared to the traditional windows.

Soundproof Glass Options

  • For reducing the amount of noise in your home there are several glass options available. You can begin by upgrading your windows from a single-pane design to a dual- or triple-pane design. You can also try choosing a mixed millimeter glass design.

Pairing different glass thicknesses are more effective in minimizing the different sounds at different frequencies. Some window companies offer sound control packages that reduce sounds by 52% more than single-pane windows.

Functioning Of Noise Reduction Windows

  • Noise travels by two means, through the air, and different materials. Similarly, there are two ways to measure this sound transmission.

These include:

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC
  • Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC)

Most standard windows that are manufactured today have Sound Transmission Class ratings of around 26. They are dual pane windows that have two panes of 3mm glass. More layers of insulation can be added by adding more windowpanes. This helps to efficiently diminish the outside noises.

Features That Support Noise Reduction

  • When you install noise reduction windows they slow down the transfer of sound waves, thus making them seem quieter. Sound waves are absorbed, reflected, or minimized as they travel through different materials.

The same phenomenon of noise reduction can be achieved in windows by:

  • Optimizing the air space
  • Mixing the thickness of glass
  • Adjoining extra panes of glass

Consideration of these features while selecting a window is critical for achieving optimal sound reduction. To ensure proper performance, the use of high-quality materials like lab-tested weatherstripping on the windows has also proven to ensure optimal performance.

Optimizing The Air Space

  • Unwanted sounds can be blocked out by adding an air space or mass to a glass windowpane. The thicker the window the better its ability to keep out the unnecessary noises. Moreover, thicker glass windows also increase energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer.

Using Laminated Glass

  • The use of laminated glass is another way to help reduce external noises. Laminated glass uses layers of glass and plastic to help mitigate the noises. These windows also provide some degree of insulation.

Proper Installation Matters

  • noise reduction windowsIt is not just the above-mentioned features that help support nose reduction. The other most important factor that optimizes the performance is the process of installation. When a window is properly installed this helps to ensure the seals are airtight enough to help keep the noises out.

Call In The Pros

  • If you are looking for windows with features like noise reduction, leak protection, energy efficiency, and better protection contact us at 866-849-2599. Work with our experts from Simple Home Improvements for choosing the best window attributes and ensuring proper installation.

Our experts at simple home improvements will go over all window style options with you so that you feel confident in what you invest in. We are a professional team that provides window and door installation services in Totowa, NJ. Our team is well equipped to handle all your issues.

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