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More on the Strengths of Fiberglass Doors

fiberglass doors

Choosing a new door for your home is an important decision – and one that will give you plenty to consider. You need a door that provides security and lasting use, but you’ll also want options that boost curb appeal and complement the home’s exterior. Thanks to their durability, beauty, and other positive attributes, fiberglass doors provide the ideal choice for all of these considerations and more. If you’re interested in replacing your current door with a high-quality fiberglass option, Simple Home Improvements covers everything you need to know about the many benefits of fiberglass doors.

A Low-Maintenance Choice

  • One of the reasons fiberglass doors are so popular with homeowners is because of their low-maintenance design. Unlike wood and steel doors, which are sensitive to moisture and extreme temperatures, fiberglass doors won’t chip, crack, splinter or rot. This rugged material can withstand rain, snow, and high winds, as well as impacts that could leave behind dents and scuffs. There’s also no need to repaint or re-stain a fiberglass door, as its finish will remain fresh and vibrant year after year. The most you’ll need to do is wipe away any mud or dirt with a damp cloth and clean any glass panes in the door, eliminating the need for additional items on your home maintenance to-do list.

Energy Efficiency

  • While your home’s insulation and windows play a large role in energy efficiency, your door can contribute as well. When compared to materials such as wood and steel, fiberglass outperforms as an insulator, keeping hot and cold air outside your home and heated or cooled air inside. Additionally, the material’s added durability prevents damage that can allow outside air to enter the home. Many fiberglass doors also include built-in insulation designed to provide an added barrier between your home and the outdoors. Fiberglass doors from Simple Home Improvements, for example, include built-in polyurethane insulation that guards against heat transfer to help maintain a consistent temperature inside the home. By installing one of these doors, you’ll adjust the thermostat less frequently and may even see your energy bills drop.

Stylish Options, Versatile Customization

  • Fiberglass doors are extremely versatile, making it easy to match your home’s exterior and your sense of style. If you love the warm finishes and natural grain of real wood doors, fiberglass options can provide the same look without the added risk of damage and deterioration. Prefer a clean white finish or a bold, eye-catching color? Fiberglass doors are available in a number of colors and textures to help every homeowner find just the right choice for his or her home’s entry.

You’ll also have the option to customize your door with glass panels that add character and allow natural light into the home. Decorative patterns range from baroque designs to fresh, modern looks, with decorative caming in a variety of finishes to help create a look you’ll love. You can also choose from clear glass to let plenty of natural light inside, or privacy glass to shield the home’s interior from passers-by on busier streets.

Create the Perfect Entryway

  • Whether you’re hoping to refresh your home’s appearance or cut down on drafts this winter, a fiberglass door provides the style and function needed to meet all your expectations. If you’re ready to update your home with a new fiberglass door, contact Simple Home Improvements today. We’ll explain all your options and provide a free estimate to help you get started. For more information, call 866-849-2599 or visit us at 999 Riverview Dr, Ste 201-244 in Totowa, NJ.

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