Pros and Cons of Different Materials for Replacement Windows

Here is list of pros and cons of different materials for replacement windows that you may not know

Modern-style windows can aesthetically transform your space. New windows not only improve the appearance of the home but also make it easier to clean while reducing energy bills. There are several options available in the market so it might get overwhelming to choose the perfect one. Here’s a list of materials available for replacement windows. Read the pros and cons of each one and discover the right type for your home.

Vinyl Frames

  • Vinyl frames are one of the most economic window replacement materials. These frames are durable and require little to no maintenance. Vinyl is a material that has a longer life span as it is not affected by rot or heat from the sun. It does not peel, chip, or fade in the sunlight.

Vinyl frames are designed to resist harsh weather and UV rays for a longer duration than other types of materials. Vinyl when paired with high-quality glass acts as an energy-efficient material for replacement windows. Vinyl frames are easy to clean and paint.


  • Maintenance of vinyl frames is painless
  • Vinyl frames are inexpensive and available in a wide range of colors
  • They come in a variety of styles such as casements, single-hung, double-hung, etc.
  • These are energy efficient and save huge sums on monthly bills
  • They can look fresh for up to decades just with simple cleaning


  • Custom windows are more expensive as vinyl frames are difficult to shape
  • Vinyl frames cannot be repainted so select a color that you can keep for years-long
  • Avoid contact with fire to prevent melting vinyl frames


  • Fiberglass window frames are made through heat-woven filaments of glass. Fiberglass is a popular material that is replacing wooden frames. Just like vinyl frames, fiberglass can also withstand grinding conditions.

These frames are durable and resist rotting and rusting. They are heat efficient and do not expand or contract like other materials.


  • materials for replacement windowsAvailable in a variety of colors and styles to fit your taste
  • Fiberglass has a low thermal expansion so it perfectly serves the purpose of insulating homes.
  • These frames are resilient to acids, chemicals, and pollution
  • They are light in weight compared to other options and look good both on the inside and outside
  • Fiberglass is growing in popularity because of its strength and durability
  • It’s easier to maintain and paint fiberglass frames as they do not scratch or become brittle


  • Intensive labor work is required in manufacturing fiberglass so these frames are relatively expensive.
  • The colors fade with time due to heat and light
  • Without a proper sealant, these frames have the propensity to leak from the sides

Wood Frames

  • Wood frames remained the desired option for windows and doors for decades. However, with the evolution of technology, other materials replaced wood. Despite the increasing popularity of synthetic materials, some people prefer wood over other materials.

When it comes to choosing customizable replacement materials for window frames, wood frames are the best alternative.


  • They look beautiful and give a warm feel to your space
  • Wood frames can be painted and stained to match the interior
  • They are energy efficient and are available in different types


  • Wooden frames are less durable and can easily give in to harsh weather
  • They need to be kept away from water to prevent rotting of wood
  • Require regular maintenance otherwise they might crack and damage

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