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Matching Our Window Types to the Rooms in Your Home

Here is a very simple guide for matching our window types to best compliment your home

You know your home is ready for new windows, but figuring out which type of windows to purchase can be tricky to navigate. With many variations available, how can you be sure that you’re installing the right window in the right place? At Simple Home Improvements, we offer eight different configurations and assist our clients daily in figuring out the best rooms for them to go in. Here’s a breakdown of our window types and the rooms for which they’re ideal.

Double Hung Windows

  • Arguably the most common of window types, double-hung windows come standard in the majority of newly constructed homes. Both the top and bottom sashes open, allowing for superior ventilation and easy cleaning. Whether you choose our Essentials Series or V-Class Series, there’s not a room in your home that can’t benefit from double-hung windows. They are especially useful for rooms on the ground floor, as they feature secure latches and solid coextruded lift rails for added security.

Slider Windows

  • Horizontal in design, slider windows are similar to double-hung windows, yet they open with sashes that slide from side to side. Featuring multi-chambered construction that promotes thermally efficient air pockets, this durable option offers a contemporary upgrade to any room of your home, whether you opt for our 4800 Series or 8000 Series. However, they tend to work best in rooms with shorter walls that have horizontal space to spare.

Picture Windows

  • window types for your homeIdeal for living rooms, dining areas, and master bedrooms, picture windows offer clear sight to the outside world without any sashes to obstruct the view. They are square and get their name from the illusion that your view is framed by the window as if it were a photograph. Though they are stationary and don’t open, our 4800 Series and 8000 Series picture windows provide an abundance of natural light, meaning they could make a viable option for any of the darker rooms in your home – as long as you have ample wall space to install one.

Casement Windows

  • Similarly to picture windows, casement windows also offer an unobstructed view of outside but crank open to allow fresh air into your home. Rectangular in shape, casement windows are great solutions for rooms where you may have limited wall space but still want the open feel of picture windows. Bedrooms, the kitchen, and the office are just a few places you could consider installing our 6000 Series casement windows.

Hopper Windows

  • Anytime you see hopper windows, you’re probably in an attic, basement or bathroom, though they can also be installed in hallways and stairwells for a touch of natural light and fresh air. Our 4800 Series hopper windows are small and rectangular and open both downward and upward with a crank or hinge.

Bay Windows

  • Our bay windows consist of three individual windows that are placed together, with two slender windows that can open and close sandwiching a larger stationary window in the middle. They add dimension to the outside of your home, as well as endless interior design opportunities. While they are typically installed in living spaces, they can also be added to small rooms to open up space and provide more functionality with their accompanying shelving and place for additional seating.

Garden Windows

  • With our garden windows, you can add dimension to your home that you never knew was possible. Considered as a smaller version of a bay window, they are built to open outward and protrude to the exterior of your home, forming a display space on the interior that’s perfect for the master bathroom, porch, or the area above your kitchen sink.

Bow Windows

  • Often confused with bay windows, bow windows protrude out from the home’s exterior and feature a large, curved design. They are typically a set of four or more windows that can be installed in the style of any of our window types discussed above. Our clients commonly install bow windows in dining rooms, formal living rooms, and master bedrooms – or whichever room of their home has the best view.

New Jersey’s Choice for Window Replacements

No matter which window types you choose for any of your rooms, you can find a range of styles and colors to complement any space in your home at Simple Home Improvements. Our windows are maintenance-free, will not stick or swell due to moisture, and can also be custom-built to your exact specifications. For more information or to receive a complimentary estimate, contact us today at 866-849-2599.

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