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5 Maintenance Tips For Replacement Windows

DIY 5 maintenance tips for replacement windows from pros

Proper maintenance and upkeep of replacement windows are imperative if they are to function correctly. Maintenance of replacement windows is not hard, it just requires a little effort to keep them looking good. Here is how you can take care of the small issues before they grow out of hand.

Thorough Cleaning

  • Maintenance of home windows is as important as the upkeep of your car or appliances. When performing window cleaning, it’s important to clean the windows inside out. A rag, spare cloth, or sponge can be used for thorough cleaning of the windows. It is better to use separate clothes or tools for cleaning the inner and outer surfaces of the windows. This prevents the transfer of pollutants and pollen from one side to the other.

Avoid using steel scouring pads or other rough materials to reduce the risk of scratching. Use less hazardous window cleaners or a mixture of vinegar and water as a safe alternative.

Don’t Neglect Window Screens

  • While cleaning the windows you mustn’t forget to clean the window screens. Window screens act as a barrier between the window and the rest of the world thereby being exposed to lots of harsh elements. As time goes by, dirt and grime accumulate on the window screens leading to damage. To keep them functional, look for rips, tears, and holes in the window screens and fix them immediately.

Before cleaning, screens should be taken out and laid out on a flat surface. Wash thoroughly and then apply a mixture of water and vinegar. Then give them a good rinse before drying and returning them to their places in the windows.

Apply Caulking

  • While performing maintenance checks, inspect the areas around the frame. See if there are any cracks, crevices, holes, or seams that require sealing with caulk. Air can seep in and out of these openings, thereby reducing the energy efficiency of the house. If the window frames are not sealed efficiently, moisture can seep in through the openings which can lead to the growth of mold.

If window frames are made of wood, moisture checks should be run more frequently. Otherwise, the buildup of moisture can cause wood rot. In no time you will end up having a degraded structure that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Maintenance Of Films And Coatings

  • maintenance tips for replacement windowsWith the buildup of dirt and grime, the appearance of windows becomes dull and unattractive. Inspect for glazing issues and Low-E film degradation. Use a rubber squeegee to clean the window panes. Carefully remove the excess cleaning solution to give a clear and shiny finish to the windows. High-pressure spray nozzles are not advisable for rinsing the replacement windows.

The strong water pressure increases the risk of glass cracks and may loosen the window panes from the frames. Look for bubbles, discoloration, peeling, or scratching in the window coatings. These issues can affect the ability of the windows to reflect heat and maintain the optimal temperature.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

  • Since windows are constantly exposed to harsh elements, they are liable to degradation over time. Window maintenance is not as demanding as you may think. All you need to do is clean and inspect your windows every few months and you are good to go. Checking for air seepage and leaks once a year should be enough. Regardless of the type of windows, regular cleaning ensures clarity and high performance. However, if small problems are not addressed and maintenance is ignored it can eventually lead to more significant problems.

When seeking window replacement services, Simple Home Improvements is worth considering. For more information or to receive a complimentary estimate, contact us today at 866-849-2599. We are located in New Jersey.

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