5 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Roof Replacement

When is the right time to invest in roof replacement? 5 compelling reasons to consider

A professionally installed roof can last as long as 30 years without requiring expensive and frequent repairs. However, the roof begins to show signs of damage over time. Investment in roof replacement gives you a chance to rejuvenate your home. A new roof provides up to 100% return on investment, along with security and protection.

Let’s explore some other reasons to invest in roof replacement.

Increases The Curb Appeal And Property Value

  • The roof is one of the most visible features and a substantial part of the exterior. A new roof plays a significant role in improving the home’s curb appeal. Installing a new roof makes your home look fresh and attractive.

On the other hand, a roof with broken shingles and moss growing on and around it looks unsightly. Work with a reputable roofing company to improve your property’s curb appeal and sale value.

Makes Your Home Energy Efficient

  • Another essential reason to undertake a roof replacement project is better energy efficiency. An aged roof does not do a great job of keeping the heat and cold away from your house. Gaps and cracks in the shingles can allow the air to leak in. In addition, old shingles are less efficient than new ones when it comes to insulation. Older shingles are more likely to absorb the heat and allow it to enter your home.

On the other hand, modern shingles keep your home dry while repelling heat. Thus, reducing the load on your HVAC system. Homeowners are better able to save money when HVAC systems use less energy. Moreover, lighter color shingles absorb less heat and save more energy. If you have darker-colored shingles, replacing them with light ones would be an excellent choice.

Keeps Your Home Safe

  • A roof is designed to protect a home from water, debris, wind, and snow. As the roof ages, it becomes structurally weak. An aged roof is unable to defend your home from external elements. Soon, it begins to show signs of damage in the form of roof water leaks, increased energy bills, wood rot, and more.

Furthermore, a roof near the end of its lifespan becomes unstable and may collapse. Proactively addressing the roof issues or replacing the entire roof can keep your belongings and family safe from any unfortunate event.

Provides Higher Return On Investment

  • One of the most compelling benefits of a roof replacement is the return on investment. Homeowners are more likely to recoup their roofing costs when the property is sold. Buyers prefer to buy homes with well-functioning roofs that do not require many structural repairs.

A new roof allows you to sell your property at a higher price. A 2019 survey suggested that a new roof helped homeowners get a desirable deal on a home.

Eliminates Potential Health Problems

  • invest in roof replacementA damaged or worn-out roof fails to keep moisture and water out of your home. Older roofs with missing shingles allow the water to creep inside your home. Over time, moisture and water buildup can result in mold growth, causing structural damage and health problems. The presence of mold can trigger allergies like asthma and breathing problems.

If left unaddressed, mold can lead to problems with the eyes, lungs, and throat. In addition, moisture can affect the woodwork and cause the wooden structures of the roof to decay and rot. All of these issues can be eliminated by opting for a roof replacement. A new roof keeps your family and belonging safe and gives you peace of mind.

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