Replacement Windows for New Jersey Houses

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Simple Home Improvements offers comprehensive home improvement solutions by installing and replacing doors, windows, and siding products. We offer products in a variety of materials and colors, which gives our customers the choices they need to customize their house to their liking. You can rely on us for superior siding, first-rate doors, and the best replacement windows in New Jersey. Throughout the state, you can find evidence of our craft and commitment to long-lasting quality. We offer free quotes, giving you no reason to delay action!

How Are Single- and Double-Hung Windows Different?

The functional difference between single- and double-hung windows is straightforward. In a single-hung window, only the bottom sash opens, while double-hung windows feature two openable sashes. So, why opt for one or the other? If your budget is foremost on your mind, a single-hung window will be better for you because it costs less. However, double-hung windows allow cold air into the home and warm air outside, which makes it a better choice for ventilation.

How Do You Clean Double-Hung Windows?

Like all windows, you want to avoid streaks and spots, so use high-quality glass cleaner and a cloth or paper towels to clean the glass itself. However, double-hung windows can be tricky to clean due to how they operate. You need to manipulate the windows, so you gain access to the outside. Our double-hung windows feature easy-operating hinges that don’t require you to clean them outside the house. Make sure to clean more than the glass. The edges are important too!

How are Bay and Bow Windows Different?

To unacquainted observers, bay and bow windows look the same. But they’re not. Understanding the difference will make you a better homeowner. The primary difference is how many openings exist. Bay windows have three openings, while a bow window has five. Typically, bay windows protrude further from the house than bay windows, which often have a 10-degree four-lite bow.

What are Garden Windows?

Garden windows are decorative features that add elegance to any home that has one. Typically, we install them in our customers’ kitchens. They provide homeowners with a lovely view of their yard or garden and additional natural light in their cooking space. They’re three-dimensional and usually protrude roughly 18 inches from the house. You can add plants to the windows, and they’ll get more than enough light.

How Do You Clean Vinyl Siding?

Over time, vinyl siding accumulates grime and dirt that darkens and robs it of its luster. Cleaning your siding is a crucial part of homeownership. Unfortunately, many ignore it. Don’t allow years of neglect to create a blight on the block. Instead, commit to washing your siding annually. As long as you do so with a garden hose once a year, you won’t need to rent expensive power washers.

How Do You Clean Cedar Shake Siding?

Be careful cleaning cedar shake siding. We recommend using a pressure washer. But we also suggest turning the power down as low as it will go to avoid damaging the wood shakes. As you probably know, cedar turns to a greyish color over time. Slight pressure washing will restore the beautiful brown coloration you fell in love with.

What Should I Look for in an Entry Door?

An entry door is one of the most critical components of your home. It says a lot about the house as a whole, as it’s one of the most noticeable elements visitors and neighbors will see. But more than appearance, you want to look for an entry door with a tight seal, which will prevent air from escaping the house and driving your energy bills sky-high. Simple Home Improvements offers fiberglass entry doors that accomplish all three tasks.

What Kind of Patio Doors Do You Sell?

We offer two popular options: sliding and French patio doors. Both offer attractiveness, simplicity, and superior energy-efficiency ratings to our customers.

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