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11 Different Types of Sidings That Every Home Should Use-Part II

Here are part 2 of our guide on different types of sidings

Sidings can definitely enhance the visual appeal of a house, in addition to increasing its market value. In our second installment, we take a look at five types of sidings that are very popular with homeowners. Read about them below and make the best choice for your home.

Natural Wood Siding

  • There are many siding options available in the market that aim to recreate the look and feel of wood siding. No matter how authentic they may appear to be, they can never be equal to a natural and real wood siding.

Natural wood sidings are the primary choice of many homeowners, especially the ones located in the western United States. The texture and curb appeal can’t be matched by anything else.

  • Natural wood sidings are particularly expensive to purchase and install. Homeowners regard it as worth the price because it gives their homes a premium look as well as increases their property’s value in the market.

Natural wood siding can be painted and stained according to the homeowner’s tastes. Since it is natural wood, therefore it requires routine maintenance and care, otherwise, it loses its appearance within a few years. Natural wood sidings are also susceptible to damage by termites, moisture, strong weather, and rodents.

Manufactured Wood Siding

  • Manufactured wood sidings are also in demand these days because of their visual appeal and cheaper cost as compared to natural wood siding. This siding is made up of cedarwood, engineered wood, batten, and board.

Cedarwood has been known to be extremely durable, lasting almost a whole 100 years. It also requires less maintenance than natural wood siding.

  • Manufactured wood sidings, as mentioned earlier are made up of a mixture of different materials which gives them the best of both worlds.

They are visually appealing yet don’t require care and frequent maintenance. Since it is still wood, it is susceptible to damage from water and moisture.

Metal Siding

  • Since the past few years, metal sidings have increased in demand, especially for residential homes. Metal sidings are expensive, but they offer long life and are durable even during extreme weather conditions.

different types of sidingsOne great benefit of using metal sidings is that they are sustainable and recyclable. The metal sidings can be repurposed for other things, or melted and made into other products. In contrast, the majority of the other sidings end up in landfills and stay there for decades.

  • Metal sidings are safe from extreme weather, hail, thunderstorms, bugs, moisture, water, termites, fungus, and fire. Homeowners that install metal sidings live a worry-free life.

Metal sidings have one major downside, that they are poor insulators, especially during winters. They also have the potential of heating up and in turn raising the internal temperature of the house during hot summer days.

Fiber Cement Siding

  • A fiber cement siding is highly durable and has the combined advantages of vinyl, cement, and wood siding. This siding is able to withstand bad weather and pests without sacrificing the visual appeal of the house.

Fiber cement siding comes in a variety of colors and textures, just like vinyl siding. However, a fiber cement siding has a more authentic look as compared to vinyl siding and is priced a little higher.

Brick Siding

  • Brick was generally used for the house’s structure, but now many residents are using it as a siding too. The brick siding looks similar to the actual break but is cheaper and lighter. It is made up of clay, shale, and other earthy materials which give it its unique appearance.

One major downside of brick siding is that it needs routine maintenance every few years. This is because extreme weather can weaken the mortar used between the bricks.

If you are considering selecting the best siding for your home, then give us a call at 866-849-2599. We at Simple Home Improvements are a home renovation and siding specialist company operating in New Jersey. We will inspect your property and give you the best advice based on your budget and needs.

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