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Choosing a Door Glass Pattern That Reflects Your Personal Aesthetic

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best door glass pattern

When you select a fiberglass entry door from Simple Home Improvements, you have the option of adding custom features, like glass inserts. Glass inserts can boost your curb appeal, giving your home that wow factor, and they can let lots of extra sunlight into the foyer. Because the glass is thick and usually textured, you can still maintain the privacy your family needs. But which style glass should you choose? There are many different options to pick from and each offers its own unique look and feel. Use this handy guide to narrow down the selection and find one that fits your personal aesthetic perfectly.

Classic Patterns for Any Home

Most homes, especially older ones, tend to feature the classic glass door patterns. These are patterns that look very elegant, sophisticated, and almost regal in some cases. While they can look great on any house, you most commonly see them on colonial-style and traditional ranch-style homes. Their ornate designs offer the perfect preview as guests make their way inside. If you’re interested in this style and how it can enhance your exterior, check out these options:

  • Windsor Collection: Elegant design prominently displayed in the middle with a combination of clear bevels, clear soft waves and gray soft waves
  • Majestic Collection: Simple, yet sophisticated, this glass comes in brass, satin nickel or patina caming finishes matching the outside of your home
  • Laurel Collection: This style is a beautiful blend of Windsor’s ornate design and the Majestic’s simplicity
  • Fairmont Collection: Create a dynamic entryway with this bold design offset by a clear baroque background
    Old World Styles

Old world-style glass door patterns typically feature some type of scrollwork. The Camilia Collection, for example, embodies this perfectly. It boasts a beautiful, scrolled wrought-iron design between the glass panes that’s reminiscent of metal fences, railings, and gates. This pattern complements rustic-themed homes and country-style homes perfectly.

Craftsman Collections

  • door glass pattern to chooseDo you live in a craftsman or bungalow? Then this style would be a natural choice. Craftsman glass usually features a more geometric design that plays with the use of squares and rectangles. You see this at work in the Monterey and Oak Park Collections. It’s a great choice if you want something that makes a statement while still representing modern-day tastes.

Contemporary Glass Patterns

  • In suburban neighborhoods around New Jersey, it’s common to see glass inserts with contemporary patterns. These designs, like the Prestige Collection and the Richmond Collection, help draw the eye and leave a lasting impression as people walk up to the porch. They’re simple but offer just enough character and personality to make you’re exterior stand out.

Sleek Clear Glass

  • Finally, we have the clear glass inserts. Though they don’t feature any decorative patterns, they’re still stylish in their own right. Plus, they provide an uninterrupted view of the outside. This option is ideal if you want something sleek and clean looking. For example, if you love modern design, then clear glass inserts are the way to go.

Browse the door glass pattern Collections Online

Have you settled on a style that’s right for you? Whether you pick something that matches the house or something that you personally love, the addition will surely boost your home both inside and out. If you’re interested in replacing your entry door, contact Simple Home Improvements today by calling 866-849-2599. We’ll go over all the customizable options to ensure you get an entryway you’ll be proud to show off.

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