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Top 10 Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows (Part1)

How can windows impact energy usage? Learn the benefits of energy efficient windows

Advancement in technology has changed the entire concept of windows. Modern windows do much more than cross-ventilation. They can help make your home energy efficient and provide more comfort by preventing the conditioned air from escaping. Here is how energy-efficient windows play a significant role in making your life convenient.

More Comfort

  • Traditional windows with single panes fail to provide the comfort that most residents are looking for. During colder months it feels chilly when one sits close to a single-pane window. On the other hand, in hot summers they make the room and surfaces uncomfortably hot. Older windows that lack insulation can make winters unbearably cold and in the summers they overheat the house. Replacing these windows with energy-efficient double or triple pane windows can provide you with a great deal of comfort regardless of the season.

Because energy-efficient windows are better able to insulate the space from the elements. They have special coatings that prevent a range of sunlight from entering the house thereby supporting stable temperatures.

Remodeling Options

  • Replacement of old windows can open up great options for remodeling your home. You can entirely redesign the window layout by installing modern energy-efficient windows that come in a vast variety of styles and designs.

Replacing older windows with modern and latest functionality models can satisfy your aesthetic as well as comfort needs. They can keep your home ventilated by improving circulation while allowing you to redesign your home.

Lower Carbon Footprint

  • It is estimated that energy-efficient windows lower carbon footprint by 12% as compared to non-certified windows. Considerable energy savings and emission cuts are achieved by replacing the traditional windows with energy-efficient versions.

These savings depend on the type of window that is being replaced as well as the local climatic conditions. However, following energy costs are saved on average by installing energy-efficient windows.

Replacing Single Pane Windows

  • When energy-efficient windows are used for replacing single-pane windows in homes, the estimated annual cost saved is $100 to $500, on average. The reduction in CO2 emission is about 1000 to 6000 lb per year.

Replacing Double-Pane Windows

  • The annual savings are between $20-$200 on replacing double-pane clear glass windows. Moreover, a significant amount of emissions are also reduced on an annual basis which is equal to about 13 to 300 gallons of gasoline. Savings can vary depending on climate conditions and the type of window being replaced.

Reduced Noise

  • benefits of energy efficient windowsControl over comfort, moisture, and natural light also provides additional benefits in the form of soundproofing. Energy-efficient windows are more than capable of eliminating unwanted neighborhood noises. Windows that come with multiple panes of glass are more efficient in blocking sounds. Especially if the insulating substance is filled in the spaces. These spaces are usually filled with insulating gases such as krypton and argon.

Thicker panes that come with larger gaps can also help with the noises. In populated cities, homes are built such that there is less space between them thus leaving less room for noise dissipation. Installing energy-efficient insulated windows can help deal with the issue.

Style Upgrade

  • When it comes to restyling the home, it’s better to have as many options as available. Replacing tedious wooden single pane windows with contemporary energy-efficient windows can offer you a wide variety of options.

Replacement windows come in the following materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite
  • Decorative

The extensive list of styles and window materials allows you to choose a layout that is fitting for your needs.

When seeking window replacement services, Simple Home Improvements is worth considering. For more information or to receive a complimentary estimate, contact us today at 866-849-2599. We are located in New Jersey.

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