15 Attractive Window Styles For Your Home

Read below and learn about attractive window styles for your home and how they may improve your home aesthetics

Windows provide ventilation, increase energy efficiency, and boost the curb appeal of a property. The selection of windows depends on their position, material, and functioning. Here is a list of the top 15 styles of replacement windows. Each type of window serves a different purpose.

Single Hung Windows

  • Single-hung windows are one of the most popular styles of replacement windows. These windows open vertically. The lower sash of single-hung windows moves up and down while the upper sash remains stationary. The significant difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is how these sections move. Single-hung windows are by far the most affordable windows available in the market.

Double Hung Windows

  • A double-hung window is pretty much similar to a single-hung window. However, double-hung windows allow you to move the lower and upper sash up and down. In addition, double-hung windows can be tilted out for easy maintenance and cleaning. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials.

The frame type used on the window influences the price of these windows. A double-hung wood window costs more than a vinyl double-hung window. Double-hung windows are one of the most common replacement windows people prefer to install in their homes.

Arched Windows

  • Arched windows with their unique architectural design add curb appeal to a property. Arched windows have rounded tops that look attractive. These are commonly installed on top of standard windows and usually do not open or close. However, some of the arched windows can open in the same way as casement windows do. These windows can also be installed in multi-arch structures.

Casement Windows

  • Casement windows can be swung upwards or outwards to open. These windows are manufactured using solid glass. Casement windows offer an extensive and less obstructed view of the outdoors. Casement windows usually come with two window panes, one on the left and the other on the right.

These windows are known for their excellent ventilation and fresh air. They can be opened outward to allow the fresh breeze to circulate in your home. Casement windows can frame the perfect view when added to a living room or home office.

Awning Windows

  • These windows create a water-resistant awning when opened. This makes them a good option for areas with a lot of rainfall. They can be pushed outward with the latch or handle to swing open on the outside. This makes it easy to clean them. They are usually more affordable than the other options. However, the installation cost depends on the material and size of the windows being used.

attractive window stylesBay Windows

  • Bay windows add a sophisticated look to living rooms and kitchens. They offer an appealing view of the outside area. Bay windows create a small shelf in the home by protruding from an exterior wall. The installation of bay windows requires professional skills.

Bow Windows

  • Boy windows are another popular option that relies on custom curved windows. They create a circular area along the outside of the home. This offers you an extended view of your front or backyard. The cost of installation of bow windows depends on the number of window panels used to create the curved bow window. These are also known as compass windows. Bow windows give a classic Victorian look to a home. They can also be installed as a combination of fixed windows and ventilation windows.

Egress Windows

  • Egress windows are specially designed windows that provide safety during emergencies. During a fire, these types of windows provide a safe escape route when the fire prevents you from exiting through the door. Egress windows are particularly installed in the basement of a home.

In some areas, safety laws require homeowners to install an egress window in their homes. The cost of their installation varies because properly installing these windows requires an area to be excavated.

Glass Block Windows

  • Glass block windows are considered accents. These are installed in a home section to increase the light flow. These types of windows are adorned with a patterned design. This helps provide simultaneous privacy and light. Glass block windows are mainly used in bathrooms, basements, and other private spaces.

These windows are made of thick blocks of glass. Since the thick blocks of glass cannot be easily broken, glass block windows are suitable for security purposes. In addition, their durable sealing can keep the moisture out of your basement.

Hopper Windows

  • Hopper windows are ideally installed in rooms with limited space for a new window. They usually open from the top. This makes them efficient for use in compact spaces. Hopper windows are most commonly installed in basements or bathrooms.

The primary purpose of installing hopper windows is air circulation and ventilation. These windows are small, so they cannot be used as emergency exits. When closed all the way, they seal up against the frame. They are therefore known for providing excellent insulation.

Round Circle Windows

  • Since they encompass many different circular shapes, round-circle windows add architectural interest to your home. They can be found in round, half round, elliptical, or oval shapes. Round-circle windows are mainly known for adding a historical feel to your home.

In addition, you can combine half-round windows with other window types to give a complementary look to your space. Most round windows are fixed. However, some round-circle windows are operable and provide ventilation.

Sliding Windows

  • These are good for elongated wall spaces. They have two sections; one of the sections slides horizontally to open or close. Depending on the size of the window you install, they can make a small room look large.

Skylight Windows

  • Skylight windows are another excellent style of windows. These windows are ideal for those who want to add more natural light to their homes but have limited options with exterior walls. It is a window for your roof and is installed just like a roof vent.

Homeowners have an option to install fixed or movable windows. Electric skylight windows allow you to operate them with a push of a button. In addition, skylight windows can serve as an emergency escape route.

Picture Windows

  • Picture windows are the best way to enjoy the unobstructed view outside correctly. These are fixed windows and cannot be opened. Picture windows can be paired with other windows for flexible functionality.

Corner Windows

  • Corner windows are installed at the corners of a room. They allow access to light and air from two different directions. Additionally, corner windows add an aesthetic appeal to a home.

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