5 Warning Signs Of Window Seal Malfunction

Here is a list of  5 warning signs of window seal malfunction that can help you save money

Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to keep windows performing at an optimal level for a long time. In addition, it ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency in your home. However, over time wear and tear leads to window seal failure. It is essential to spot these signs so that repairs can be made timely.

Drafts In The Windows

  • Drafty windows are one of the significant indicators of faulty seals. A broken window seal allows outside air to leak inside your home. A broken seal leads to air filtration issues in your home. This results in energy loss and increased energy bills. If the air around your window feels cold, you likely have a draft in your window. If your window seal has deteriorated, contact window replacement contractors for assistance.

Condensation Between The Panes Of Glass

  • Window seals build a thermal barrier between the inner and outer sides of the window to reduce heat transfer. If the seal fails, the space between the window is exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. This traps the moisture between window panes and results in condensation.

During extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations, condensation becomes more prevalent and visible. Your window seal has likely failed if you notice water droplets, fog, or frost between window panes.

Distorted Glass In The Center

  • Another tell-tale sign of a ruptured seal is distorted glass. An inert gas or vacuum pocket exists between the window panes. However, when a seal breaks the gas leaks out and alters the structural stability of the pane. Thus, collapsing the pane and causing it to bend or break. Visual changes and distortions commonly occur in the center of the glass.

Windows Appear Dirty

  • A broken window seal fails to keep out dust and dirt, resulting in dirty windows. Small dust particles become trapped between the panes, making your windows look dirty. If your windows look dirty even after cleaning on both sides, the lurking dirt between the panes is likely the result of window seal failure.

Spikes In Energy Bills

  • A spike in energy bills is an indirect indicator of a failed window. When you have a leaky window, the HVAC has to work constantly to keep your home’s temperature stable. The constant use of the HVAC system shows up in the form of increased energy bills. If you notice unexplained spikes in your heating or cooling bills, inspect your window seals and replace them as necessary.

Warped Window Frames

  • Sudden temperature changes can cause your window frame to warp, shrink, or expand. A warped window can compromise the structural integrity of the material so have it replaced by a trusted window replacement contractor.

Causes Of Window Seal Failure

  • window seal malfunctionDefective manufacturing or damage during shipping can cause window seals to fail. In addition, extreme weather conditions and fluctuations in temperature and humidity can lead to seal failure. Aging is another factor that affects window seals. Even if they are adequately maintained, the seals of old and worn-out windows are liable to deterioration.

Poor installation techniques can result in seal failure. Using cheap materials or installing the windows all by yourself can cause the seals to leak within a few years. Therefore, hiring a reputable and experienced company for window installation is essential. Professionals have years of experience and can help you install high-quality windows correctly.

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