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5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Siding

Here are 5 factors to consider before choosing a siding discussed by a Home Advisor near you

Sidings are made to last more than two decades of normal wear and tear. It is an investment that lasts the long term. It is imperative to make the best selection so that your home looks absolutely amazing. Here are 5 factors to consider before choosing a siding.


  • Sidings are available in a variety of color and texture options, especially if one buys a vinyl siding. Most manufacturers even give the option of having a custom color palette for their customers, so that they can have the perfect siding for their home. If you have to select a color yourself, then start by considering primary and two secondary colors.

The primary color will be for the main siding panels, while the secondary colors are for door panels, trims, shutters, etc. Some manufacturers have the option to upload a picture of your home online, and then paint it to see how it looks. This way you can know how your home looks in a particular color and helps you to make the best selection. Another option is to hire a home renovation company that uses computer software to simulate how your home will look under different color schemes.

Maintenance Schedule

  • It is true that most sidings are low maintenance and vinyl sidings are ultra-low maintenance. Despite being low maintenance, it does not mean that no maintenance will be required. When selecting a siding, remember to ask the dealer or the manufacturer about its maintenance schedule and requirements.

An important thing to ask about is how long can the siding retain its original color and texture. Some manufacturers provide a maintenance handbook that lists down what to do at what time so that the siding lasts the longest. While no siding can last forever, our pick for the best siding is vinyl siding. There are many types of vinyl siding, each designed to keep you in mind.


  • choosing a sidingBudget is super important for selecting the type of siding for your home. Ideally speaking, most people prefer vinyl sidings because aesthetically they look the same as other types of sidings. Vinyl sidings also cost a fraction of what the other sidings would cost the homeowner.

The price of a siding depends on the technology used by the manufacturer, its guarantee, its texture, and its material. Experts recommend using the services of a home renovation company and never installing the siding as a DIY project, as it can lead to serious problems.


  • Climate affects the lifespan of a siding. A harsh climate has an aggressive effect on the siding and causes quicker wear and tear. It is recommended to take the climatic effects into account before considering purchasing a siding for your home.

If your home is located in a hot climate region, then it is advisable to use cellular PVC siding as it blocks the heat and UV rays. It helps keep the house cool and keeps cooling-related bills low.

Home Architecture Style

  • The type of siding that you install in your home largely depends on your home’s architecture style. If you have a modern home then a vertical/horizontal shiplap siding would be an ideal choice. If it is an old house or a farmhouse then board and batten siding is the preferred choice.

Installing the correct siding, helps the home feel in a place with its surroundings. The siding is basically used to highlight your home’s features and architectural details.

If you are confused about selecting the perfect siding for your home, then give us a call at 866-849-2599. We, at Simple Home Improvements, are a home renovation and siding specialist company operating in New Jersey.

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