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4 Most Popular Siding Materials For Buildings

Home improvement company reveals the 4 most popular siding materials for use in your home

Selecting an appropriate siding material for a house is perhaps one of the most important decisions faced by a homeowner. There are several siding materials available in the market each with its own pros and cons. We have discussed the 4 most popular house siding materials. Learn more about them below and make an informed decision. 

Vinyl Siding 

  • One of the most popular sidings for homes in the USA is Vinyl Sidings. They are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are fire resistant up to 750 degrees. They are most often used where protection from weathering effects is required. They come in thousands of colors and textures, thus they are one of the most visually appealing sidings available in the market today.

Compared with other siding options, they are relatively inexpensive. For a 2000 square feet home, the approximate cost for installing a vinyl siding lies between 6000 to 16000 $. Vinyl sidings have a life expectancy of about 15 years before they start to fade away. However, some manufacturers are now providing 50 years guarantee as a result of the latest manufacturing technologies being employed. 

Wood Siding

  • Most homes that were constructed prior to 1960 employed wood sidings. Wood sidings are available as stained and painted. Their boards come in different orientations such as vertical, horizontal, and shingles. These features aim to help homeowners customize how their house looks like. Wood sidings need regular care and maintenance. Experts estimate the life span of wood siding between 20 to 40 years. 

Wood sidings are a comparatively expensive option, due to the cost of wood. Installing wood sidings in a 2000 square feet home will cost in-between 7000 to 23000 $. One major disadvantage of wood sidings is that they are prone to fires. Wood is highly combustible and even a small spark can spread to an all-out fire. To avoid this situation, a fire retardant chemical is added to the siding, but this presents itself as an extra cost.

Metal Siding

  • popular siding materials for residential buildingsGenerally, people assume that metal can only be used as a roof. These days, many homeowners are also using metal as a siding material. It is fairly easy to install and comes in options such as aluminum and steel. It is virtually maintenance-free.

Metal sidings can withstand harsh weather conditions, pests, rotting, and mold. They can last for over 50 years if routine inspections and maintenance are carried out. Metal sidings are poor thermal insulators, therefore it is not a recommended option for people living in extreme environmental conditions. Metal sidings aren’t soundproof either and do little to muffle the noise coming in from outside. If the house is located near the city center, metal sidings aren’t a preferred option.

Brick Siding

  • In America, brick sidings have been used for hundreds of years as a popular house siding material. They offer high durability, less maintenance, and long life. They neither require painting and nor do they fade due to weathering effects. 

Brick sidings are the most expensive option, a 2000 square feet house would cost between 8500 and 25000 $. However, all realtors agree on the fact that a house having brick sidings sees an increase in its market valuation. Brick siding requires a waterproof membrane so that it remains resistant to moisture and humidity. They are made from organic and natural materials, hence their carbon footprint is very small.

If you are confused about which siding material is the best for your house, why not give us a call at 866-849-2599. We, at Simple Home Improvements, are a top house repair and maintenance company operating in New Jersey. Our experienced specialists will recommend to you the best siding material based on your actual needs and budget. 

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