3 Signs it’s Time to Get New Patio Doors

Our experts have compiled a list of signs that scream new patio doors

Patio doors are essential to many houses. In the summer, they provide access to your backyard for barbecues and outdoor fun. In the winter, your patio doors let you view beautiful snowflakes falling to the ground without leaving the warmth of your home. But what happens when your patio doors aren’t working as well as they should? If you’re experiencing any of the issues below, it’s time to contact Simple Home Improvements to learn more about replacing your patio doors today.

1. Noticeable Energy Loss

  • Rooms that are too cold during the winter and too hot during the summer are a good indication that patio doors need to be replaced. Although heat and cool air can escape your house through other means, patio doors can often be the source of lost energy. A simple way to test your patio doors is to stand close by. If it’s noticeably colder or you detect a draft during the winter, the doors are no longer energy efficient.

2. Hard to Open

  • when should you get new patio doors for your homeDifficulty opening your patio doors can be the result of many issues, from weather-warped wood to damaged rollers. And while sticky doors might not seem like the largest problem, your annoyance will likely grow over time as you struggle to access your deck or outdoor area. There’s also a chance that difficulty in opening your doors may compromise the locking mechanism, which can prove enticing for intruders posing serious danger to your property and family.

3. Leaking During Inclement Weather

  • If you notice moisture collecting on your floor during snow or rainstorms, temporary fixes will be just that—temporary. Inconvenient leaks can quickly turn into more serious problems, such as water damage, mold, and mildew, which can diminish indoor air quality and cause structural damage over time. In the long run, water damage can often prove more expensive than simply replacing your patio doors.

New Patio Doors in Totowa, NJ

Your patio doors should enhance your home’s beauty, energy efficiency, and security. If your patio doors are due for replacement, contact Simple Home Improvements at 866-849-2599 or visit our office in Totowa, New Jersey. Our knowledgeable representatives will provide a free quote and answer any questions you have about our patio doors to help you find the right choice for your home.

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